[]tive research

research and knowledge center for improved agriculture and beekeeping.

healthy bees in healthy landscapes.

[]tive research

and knowledge center for improved agriculture and beekeeping.



The problem:

Pollinating insects, including bees are disappearing from the landscape.

Bees and other pollinators dies in staggering numbers all over the world, suffering from complex environmental disorders. Average losses are 15-40 %/year. Parasite mite, varroa and viruses are the main causes, triggered by multiple stressors.

Modern farming with monocultures are not viable habitats to most organisms. They are actually, green or black deserts 50/52 weeks/year, infertile as asphalt.

Pollinating insects can’t find suitable foods or places to multiply.

Bees cant live on just one sort of pollen available one week per year.

The solution:

We need biodiverse sustainable farming and forestry.

Our solution is to analyze images, with AI. Which plant species are critical in the landscape, coverage, biodiversity, what needs to be added? Which changes are needed and possible in agriculture and forestry? We need and can change how the land is used and help pollinators survive in a sustainable landscape. The Swarm will bring new knowledge.


The Swarm is a platform to be, using BeeScanning technology and infrastructure applied on projects solving pollination issues with AI. The platform is a research and knowledge center where AI and agricultural research goes into developing AI tools to the users and in turn their data flows back to research in a  feedback loop.

The BeeScanning app provides technology and infrastructure to users via the Knowledge center.

The Knowledge center generates data to the Research center.

The Research center supports the development of the BeeScanning technology.

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